After your new Greenfields Turf sod lawn is established -- typically 4-6 weeks -- irrigate 3 or more times per week in warm weather. In cooler climates and coastal zones once or twice should be sufficient. Pay special attention to slopes, mounds and heavy clay soils when runoff can occur. More frequent and shorter watering times are then necessary.

Diseases and Insects

Incorrect irrigation is often misdiagnosed as insect or diseases. A trained nursery person can help diagnose these problems. During the establishment period mushrooms may sprout because of extra moist conditions. These should disappear after a couple of weeks with reduced watering.


Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one time. If your lawn has become excessively tall, mow at the highest mower setting. Gradually lower the mowing height each week. A final mowing height of 2-3 inches is recommended. In warmer times of the year an increase in mowing height is healthier for the lawn. Always keep your mower blades sharp.

Foot Traffic

Keep pet and foot traffic off new lawn for the first 10 days. Allow only light foot traffic for the next four weeks.


Your lawn will respond to more frequent fertilization typically every two months. Apply small amounts each time. Each fertilizer type requires correct knowledge so as not to burn or starve the lawn. Consult with your nursery or garden center for a recommended fertilization program. Turf Supreme fertilizer 16-6-8 is used by many turf managers.

Weed Control

Be safe and consult your nursery or garden center on the correct use of weed controls. Never use a weed killer on new sod lawns. Sod will prevent the germination of most weed seed. Bermuda type grasses should be killed prior to sod installation.